• Design Process
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      • Your T & R experience begins with our team of experienced design experts. We offer a wide range of concrete customization such as elaborate designs, contrasting borders, a wide range of colours, handmade bullnoses, exposed aggregate, glow stones, heating systems, and lighting systems. Our design experts will assist you in choosing what best suits your unique needs. Their extensive knowledge of both landscape design and construction will allow you to create the highest quality outcome.
        • Installation
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            • Step 1: Excavation & Sub-grade Preparation
            • We start by preparing the site of concrete installation by excavating the area where concrete is to be poured. The depth of excavation depends upon the grading and layout of the construction site. The subgrade provides the main difference in the overall performance and structural integrity of the slab. Gravel is added to the site and well-compacted to prevent drainage and soil erosion under the concrete.
            • Step 2: Forming
            • Forms are often made from metal, wood, or plastic and attached to stakes in order to contain the concrete in the desired area. A strong form in good condition provides the optimal slope for drainage, which is of utmost importance in the harsh Canadian weather.
            • Step 3: Reinforcing Steel
            • Installing reinforcement steel in the form of steel reinforcement bars or wire mesh provides structural functions and support for the concrete slab. This provides structural capacity, reduces joint maintenance, increases impact resistance, and controls cracking.
            • Step 4: Concrete Placement
            • A T & R approved ready mix truck will arrive at the placement area and pour concrete. Our team of concrete experts will handle the concrete to prevent segregation and keep a clean working area.
            • Step 5: Concrete Colour
            • There are two basic techniques to apply colour to concrete. The first is integral color in which liquid colour is poured into the concrete ready mix truck. This method allows the colour to combine with the concrete and the slab obtains colours throughout. The second option is the broadcast method in which colour hardening powder is applied directly to the freshly poured concrete surface. The colour hardener will penetrate the top of the concrete slab 1/8″ and colour thoroughly. Be sure to ask our design experts about our colour options and which method best suits your job.
            • Step 6: Concrete Finishing
            • The most critical stage of the concrete pour process is finishing the concrete. There are two important factors at this stage: grading the concrete and bringing the cement paste to the top. This step is essential as it prepares the canvas for decorative stamping.
            • Step 7: Concrete Stamping
            • The window of time in which concrete must be stamped is relatively short and T & R has a strong team of concrete experts to assist in this process. Pre-textured stamps are applied to the concrete in order to create depressions and many custom designs. Ask our team of design experts about different options for stamps.
            • Step 8: Form Removal
            • Once the concrete is dry, the forms that were installed to contain the area of concrete and create sharp edges are removed. Our team of experts will be sure to remove it at the optimal time.
            • Step 9: Control Joint Installation
            • The cutting of control joints (also called contraction joints) provides stress relief at optimal locations determined by our experts. This can help prevent conspicuous cracking although not all cracking can be prevented due to unmitigated stress caused by the natural movement of the earth, temperature changes, and drying shrinkage.
            • Step 10: Site Clean-Up & Pressure Washing
            • Our team of T & R experts are always sure to clean up the site of installation so you don’t have to. Once the area is cleaned, it is pressure washed to remove excess release and dust from the surface.
            • Step 11: Sealing
            • No job is complete without sealing the concrete with a T & R approved sealant. The application of a sealer will add sheen to the surface (ask your design expert what they recommend as sealants range from satin to high gloss); enrich the colour of the concrete; block penetration of stains from chemicals, leaves, oil, grease, and dirt; and reduce the chances that efflorescence will discolour the surface.
            • Step 12: Post-Construction Services
            • If you have any questions or concerns about the concrete installation process, our friendly and professional staff are always ready to assist you. For us, the job is never done until you are satisfied.
            • The installation process is subject to changes depending upon your unique job. Steps may be added or removed as each job is unique to your needs. Ask our experts if you have any questions about the steps of your distinct job.
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        • Maintenance
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Concrete is able to provide you with decades of service when installed by our expert team and maintained. The inherent strength and endurance of concrete is able to withstand years of use, even when exposed to harsh Canadian winters.


Several layers of protective sealer approved by T & R is applied to the concrete surface. This makes the surface stronger and more resistant to abrasion and water penetration. T & R approved sealants also block penetration of stains from chemicals, leaves, oil, grease, and dirt; increase lustre; enrich the colour of concrete; and reduce the chances that efflorescence will discolour the surface. Our approved sealers also prevent fading from UV exposure and make the surface easier to clean.

Despite the concrete being sealed well, it will often require some routine maintenance depending on the conditions it is exposed to and the amount of traffic it receives. Below are some tips to extend the service life and preserve the beauty of your concrete.


Within one week of the concrete installation

  • Avoid walking on the newly installed concrete surface for at least two days to prevent unwanted impressions.
  • Avoid heavy traffic on the concrete surface for at least one week (such as parking vehicles).
  • Wet the surface of the concrete at least once a day, twice a day for a minimum of one week.

Within one year of the concrete installation

  • Avoid using de-icing materials on concrete, especially the first year after it is installed. Concrete sealants are often rendered unable to function in areas where de-icing salts are applied or receive run-off from parked cars.

Long term care

  • Although a sealer will inhibit stains, you should still sweep and wash the concrete surface occasionally to prevent dirt buildup. We recommend washing your concrete surface after each winter to remove any salt build up from vehicle or shoe traffic. Exterior surfaces can be pressure washed or scrubbed with a mild detergent. Typically, the only routine upkeep needed for interior surfaces is wet mopping or dry dust mopping. Feel free to call our specialists if you would like tips or assistance in cleaning your concrete surface.
  • If the concrete begins to lose its sheen after time due to traffic and weather conditions, recoating the surface with sealant will usually restore the lustre. Be sure to call our T & R experts when re-sealing the surface to ensure the highest quality of sealer and superior installation. We recommend re-sealing the surface every 1-3 years.
  • If interior concrete flooring is subject to a high amount of foot traffic, it is of utmost importance to maintain the sealed surface to prevents wear patterns. The application of a sacrificial floor polish or wax will be able to provide the surface with extra protection from wear and act as a shock absorber to scuffs, grime, and scratches. Be sure to ask our T & R experts which sacrificial floor wax or polish will work best for your distinct needs.

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